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 My name is Pam and I am a parent too.  I am also an occupational therapist with a love for children.  I’m so glad you found our site because we understand. We understand the struggles, the concerns, the fears and the love you have for your child. Our Marshall Pediatric Therapy staff is here to support you and your entire family. Our staff are specialized in treating children and they really are the best at what they do!  We feel that it is a privilege to spend our best hours helping families build skills for life. Watch our video below to learn more about us.

-Pam Marshall

Executive Director of Marshall Pediatric Therapy

We care for children in light of the truth that “Children are a gift from The Lord…” (Psalm 127:3 NLT)

Why Therapy?

We believe that therapy is not only helpful for your child but for your family as well. Parents are active participants in our therapy sessions. Our therapists may demonstrate something to you and then ask you to demonstrate it back. This enables parents to carry out effective activities at home with their child. Parents are their children’s biggest cheerleaders – and one of our main goals is to help you learn how to encourage and empower your child to advance to their next milestone.

We have three locations to serve you.  Our very first location is in Nicholasville, Kentucky. This clinic serves families in Nicholasville, Lancaster, Wilmore, Harrodsburg, Versailles, Frankfort, Midway, and South East Lexington. For families living in Richmond, Berea, Winchester, Mt. Sterling, and Lexington request our office on Richmond Road in Lexington, Kentucky. Our newest clinic is in Georgetown, Kentucky. This office can serve families in Georgetown, Paris, Stamping Ground, & Florence. 


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From Our Blog

Helping to Prevent Parental Burnout

Helping to Prevent Parental Burnout

  Nurturing a child's growth and development through all aspects of life is both a rewarding and overwhelming parental responsibility. These continuous roles often result in parental burnout feelings. Understanding the signs of parental burnout is critical in...

Debunking Dyslexia Myths

Are you worried that your child might have dyslexia? There is so much information available online and in the community about dyslexia, that it can be tricky to know what to believe and when to seek help. Here is a quick look at just a few of the common myths about...

W Sitting

What is W sitting? W-sitting is when a child sits on their bottom with their knees bent and feet positioned outside of their hips. If you’re standing above your child, you will see their legs and body make the shape of a W.  Why Do Physical Therapists Not Like W...

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

Parents can often feel overwhelmed sorting through medical and societal advice on how to best care for their baby. One of the most important recommendations is put your baby on his/her back to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics initiated the “Back to Sleep”...

Growing Speech Skills Outdoors!

Hey everyone! The speech-language pathologists at Marshall Pediatric Therapy wanted to share some fun and enriching activities you can try with your family. The weather is finally warming up, creating perfect moments to learn outside. Take your child on a nature walk...

In-Hand Manipulation

By: Abbey Fields OTR/L & Micaela Cook, OTR/L What is in-hand manipulation? The ability to hold an object in one hand and move it without assistance from the other hand. Children start to develop these skills between 2-4 years old with a single object. The order of...

Sensory Play For When We’re Stuck Inside 

By: Zoё Rupert, OTR/L Like many OT’s I love encouraging my patients to engage in sensory play. Previous blogs have given suggestions for fun sensory play ideas for the great outdoors, but if you’re anything like me once it’s cold you’re not venturing out! I wanted to...

How to Nurture a Child’s Mental Health

By Sarah Hollon Being able to identify a child’s basic and physical needs such as nutritious food, shelter, warm clothing, and a reasonable bed time is obvious and easy to recognize. However a child’s mental and emotional needs are more difficult to identify and...

Let’s Make an Obstacle Course!

Let’s Make an Obstacle Course! By: Kelley Harlan With the unpredictable weather and virtual school instruction, it can be hard to find ways to keep your child moving and active! Obstacle courses provide a great way to allow children to work on a wide array of skills...

Addressing Early Language Skills at Home

By: Samantha Palmer Are you concerned that your child is not talking? Most children say their first words around 12 months, and can expand their vocabulary up to 50 words by the time they are 18 months old! Children are so smart, and can often do this on their own....

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