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Beyond Individual Words: Gestalt Language Processing

Most people are familiar with the typical sequence of language learning. Babies start out babbling, then start using single words around the age of 1 year, then start using word combinations such as “go car” or “my ball,” and then advance into early sentences. We refer to this as analytic language learning. Some childr…

Baby Steps to Independent Sitting

Babies reach a point where conquering tummy time isn't enough. Their sights, and tiny, grasping hands, are set on a new horizon: independent sitting! But the journey from rolling champion to sitting superstar requires more than just sheer enthusiasm. As a pediatric physical therapist, I see the excitement and frustrati…

In-Hand Manipulation

Have you ever wondered how we manage everyday tasks like writing, dressing, or using utensils? It all starts with a crucial skill called in-hand manipulation. This involves using our thumb and fingers to move and control objects within a single hand. While seemingly simple, in-hand manipulation is a foundational skill …