Susan Mills, Proud Mom & Autism Advocate | April 25, 2024

A Journey with Autism. IT'S WORTH IT.

Whether you are just hearing the words of your child’s diagnosis, or you’ve been traveling on a special needs journey for many years, it’s always nice to know there are people with you. There will be footprints left behind by those who have traveled the path before you, and others that will follow your footprints as they navigate the unknown. Every person on this path, each step that is taken, and each individual footprint is important. Why? Because this path isn’t a straight and easy one. You’ll doubt yourself, and you’ll doubt others. It will be just plain hard...but it’s worth it.

While your friends register their child for basketball camp, you will prepare for your child’s IEP meeting at school.

You will lose sleep worrying if your child is being bullied at school.

Your family may not understand why your child doesn’t like large birthday parties.

It will be hard, but worth it.

Your child’s peers may be preparing for college, while you are preparing for 24/7 caregiving. Your spouse may feel like a stranger passing in the night at times.

You may not recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror.

I get it. It will be so hard, but so worth it.

You will find your tribe, and build your child’s army. These are the people that will knock down walls with you, pull you from the darkness and show you the light, celebrate with you, rally with you, and you will cling to one another. Maybe it’s because they have traveled that path before and know the journey well. Maybe it’s because they have devoted their lives to helping better others’ lives.

Our journeys may be different, but our reason is the same.

The love for our children is unlike any other love we will ever have.

It’s a love that fights to move mountains, and it’s a love that is always worth it.

Love Always, Susan