Micaela Cook and Abbey Fields | April 25, 2024 | Occupational Therapy

Fall Activities - Occupational Therapy Blog

The changing season brings joy for many. With the holiday season approaching, there are many activities that can engage your child! Occupational Therapy activities do not have to be difficult or time consuming and can have an array of benefits including: practicing fine and visual motor skills, exposure to food play, increased sensory input, and just having fun! 

Given the nicer weather, this is a perfect time to take your child outdoors and participate in various sensory activities! For example you can go on a sensory walk and look for something bumpy, flying, yellow, loud, to jump on, to run to or to climb. Or you could participate in some messy play such as, making art with flower petals, grass, sticks, leaves, etc. You could also create a mud kitchen or play with wet chalk. The possibilities are endless, but all sensory activities help your child in so many ways including building their cognitive, social, emotional, and language skills. 

After having fun outdoors, you can bring excitement inside with these two great activities attached above!