What to Expect at Your Frist Visit

Parents Matter!

At Marshall Pediatric Therapy, the first thing we want to know is what can we do to help you? If therapy at Marshall is best for your child, our community of staff is ready to invest in you.  

At your first visit, you can expect to meet your therapist and have an opportunity to talk through concerns. Your therapist will be able to help guide you through how their service can benefit your child. The therapist will complete an initial evaluation, which may include developmental testing through the use of standardized tools.  A treatment plan will be designed to fit the unique needs of your child and the therapist will partner with you, the parent, to set goals for your child.

Be Supported

Parenting is a challenging job under the best of circumstances. It is even more of a challenge when you are parenting a child with special needs or a child who needs extra help to reach his or her developmental milestones.

At Marshall Pediatric Therapy, you are not alone.  Our staff is ready to teach you how to help your child.  

See Change

As our team of therapists works to help your child reach goals, you will begin to see changes and your child might begin to try new things, respond differently, eat new foods or learn a new skill. More importantly, you will see the happiness and confidence this brings to your child, and the peace of mind this brings to your family.

Celebrate Growth

Our staff will cheer on your child and celebrate the wins!  It is so important to celebrate their accomplishments.

What to Bring

1. Insurance Cards – Please bring both primary insurance as well as Medicaid cards if your child has both.
2. Prescriptions & Referrals – For example: for OT the physician will write a prescription for evaluation and treatment for OT.
– Your Physician has the option to complete a referral
3. Understanding of your child’s insurance benefits
4. Completed Patient Form (see them below)
5. Copay for your therapy

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