Richmond Pediatric Therapy Center physical therapists improve the lives of children who suffer from injuries and congenital conditions. Early intervention with pediatric therapy services can make the world different for your child.

The Marshall Pediatric Therapy team helps your child learn and grow with play-based techniques, enabling them to understand how to interact socially and function independently. We serve all clients in and out of Richmond. To get help from a trusted source of pediatric therapy,  contact us at the number above, and prepare for your first visit by reading our first visit checklist.


Why Therapy?

At Marshall Pediatric Therapy, we firmly believe therapy is valuable for children and families. Parents are always active participants during therapy sessions, and they also benefit.

All our therapists are equipped with skills to ensure parents and kids enjoy and benefit from each session. The parents can also gain these skills to help their children at home without requiring further assistance in such settings.

We also have specialized physical therapists who assist children and their parents with advice on the most appropriate assistive devices to help optimize their motor functioning. We can seek further help from Orthotists and Prosthetists to ensure children have the most accurate treatment for foot, ankle, and leg braces when required.

Don’t wait any longer. Talk to us directly by phone at (859) 223-2274 for more information.


Who Requires Pediatric Therapy?

Children learn and explore the world through play. It allows them to develop skills that make them independent later in life. However, when a child has issues with mastering skills in the environment, it can be challenging to interact closely with their peers. They will experience problems with fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory processing, etc. Reliable pediatric therapy will help make a massive difference in all these cases.

The signs your child require pediatric therapy include:

  • They have difficulty achieving age-appropriate developmental milestones: Therapy helps children who show signs of developmental delays—for instance, a two-year-old struggling to walk.
  • Issues with fine motor skills: Issues with fine motor skills include struggling with strength, dexterity tasks, or controlling hand muscles. Suppose these issues are not addressed soon enough. The child may have difficulty performing essential activities such as writing and using a computer later.
  • Sensory processing problems: Sensory processing disorders may make children overreact to taste, touch, sounds, and smells. The kids will have issues with under-sensitivity and keep out sensations by moving around too much and touching everything.
  • The trouble with motor skills: This helps kids who may struggle with issues related to strength, balance, endurance, and coordination. It will affect how they can walk, climb stairs, and hop, among other activities.

Our pediatric therapists at Marshall Pediatric Therapy specialize in all types of therapies to help your child advance their growth effectively. Please consult us for further advice on achieving your child’s proper growth.


Why Choose Us

Our pediatric therapy team works around the clock to create an effective care plan based on your child’s unique needs. We have a caring staff who will build a long-lasting relationship with your family and child to ensure they always feel comfortable and thrive during the therapy.

You can always trust us to offer the best services with education, tools, and resources your kids need to progress at home. We are also flexible to work at the location of your choices, such as daycare or school.


How to Start Service

Starting a service is exceptionally seamless:

  • Chat with an expert: Our specialist will help determine how we can help
  • Get scheduled: We will offer free appointments and get you on the calendar right away
  • Receive excellent care: After appointments, you will meet with our excellently trained staff to start therapy.  


Marshall Pediatric Therapy Provides Trusted Pediatric Services to Richmond

Pediatric therapy allows your child to thrive against any conditions that may affect their development. Our goal is to help all families stay happy with therapy and solutions to suit their needs. Get in touch with us today, or visit our office on Richmond Road in Lexington, Kentucky, for more information. 

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